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  • Rigg Gargadilly

    Found living in the ruins of an ancient elven castle, Rigg is a hateful and sarcastic little creature intent riddling his captors with obscenities until they release him. Daeron has other plans however, as he intends to domesticate Rigg into a member of …

  • Tiressia

    The Iron Tide came to the aid of Tiressia as she was being hunted by a murderous tree. She aided them in return to resolve the issue with he loggers to the east. A helpful friend of the Irontide, she can be called upon for advice in dealings with the fey, …

  • Melianse

    The Iron tide first encountered Melianse giving trouble to some loggers led by Corax, to the West of Ironhold. She is a temperamental fey, and very protective of her glade. We resolved the dispute by restoring the trees the loggers had chopped down and in …

  • Falchos

    Falchos is a Satyr warrior who acts as Tiressia's companion and bodyguard.

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