Deeds and Danger

Watertombs and Bags of tricks

where rivers of gold appear once more!

Sir Francis’s Letter to Home #6

Dear Mother and Father,

I have never been more uncomfortable in all my days! Recent events have lodged water, sand, and gold coins into every crevasse, nook, and cranny my clothes and armor has to offer! Where is my squire when I am in my hour of need? How hath I found myself in this position you ask? Well, let me tell you!

I know not precisely where I am, but know that it is south of the Centaurs in a land of Cyclops monsters. Somewhere amidst mountains and waterfalls and young dragons! My companions and I have seen fit to rescue a horsewoman princess for the Noman tribe – may her heart still beat! A great tower confronted us after the great fall into the river and the loss of dear Bones, and so of course the Iron Tide investigated! Except for Noble Steed that is… the narrow entrance simply would not allow for such a magnificent horse!

A few steps in confirmed the sense of evil about the place as undead Cyclops monsters descended upon us from dark corners. But sword and bow and good natured magiks were on our side this hour, and we smote them down! Rufus’s nose even located some hoof prints on the dusty floor, and so it was we found a hidden latch that brought us into a natural cavern about a large body of water in the center. Gazl stayed my arm as I moved to finally try out this magical ring of swimming I have been carrying, and bless his soul he did! For immediately within the rippling water a lake monster arose, with fins and head long enough to snatch prey from dozens of feet away. Battle ensued, and despite the terrifying nature of this creature, it was no match against four seasoned warriors. We brought it down, and hard, and I have added its severed head to my collection of foul beasts. Dearon most cleverly transformed himself into a merman, and despite his looks, procured some fantastic treasure at the bottom. A ring of movement and a fancy raven figurine were the finds. The ring just fit on Gazl’s thumb.

Furthermore, Daeron seemed to have found an underwater passage and beckoned us to follow. We are not all merman, but I’d like to think I would have made a fine impression of one if they too fancied full plate armor! What we found beyond was an eerie room of empty urns. A little farther into the room revealed a stairway down into what seemed an ordinary storage room. But this it was not. For when Rufus approached the back wall, rising waters and chaos ensued. Some form of trap had been sprung! Water cascaded upon our heads as arm thick stone pillars rose behind our backs while zombies and eels moved in. Rufus and Gazl and I moved to defend about the rising tide, and Daeron set upon disengaging a mechanism along the wall. Looking rather advanced, he pulled out his newly acquired familiar, Rigg Gargadily the quickling. However, he had not more a clue either! And in his ignorance simply destroyed the mechanism altogether. It was at this moment, when the water had reached our waists, and zombies battering holes into our courage, that death by water tomb seemed a likely outcome.

As Daeron cursed Rigg and stuffed him back into his haversack, I made the offhand comment that I wish we all could escape into a sack… and a glimmer of hope brightened in Daeron’s eyes. Flinging glitter dust at the remaining zombie, a bold and simplistic plan was set into place. All but myself would jump into our bag of holding where I could slip past the blinded zombie and let them out on the far side of the stone pillars. One could then hold the bag for myself to dive into and we would be safe on the other side! Rufus was the last to be convinced, but the lack of time and flooding waters ended his plan of breaking through the barriers with mighty swings. So it was done, and as the final zombie removed the dust from its eyes, and water chin high, that it saw Daeron skipping away up the stairs in escape with a bulging bag upon his shoulders.

However, this last part I had to be told, for as soon as I jumped into the extra dimensional space that is this miraculous bag, the next thing I knew was a most rude and rough dumpage of myself, Gazl, Rufus, and the rest of our belongings upon the beach outside the tower. Namely a horde of gold we had recovered in Varnhold. Seconds later, a voluptuous mass of water came pouring out of the tower entrance sweeping us all into the river banks! Gold lost to the fishes downriver or most like over the falls, we sit contemplating the decisions we’d made as we no doubt danced a jig with death himself this day. We will face more of the same come first light!

High Above and Honor bound,

Sir Francis Thorne, Iron Duke of the Iron Lands



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