Varnhold was originally founded my Maegar Varn and the Iron Wraiths who were also sent out to explore and settle in the Stolen lands by the council of Restov. After their untimely demise at the hands of Vordakai, whom the Iron Tide vanquished, the people of Varnhold pleaded to join the Iron Lands and their wish was granted.

The simple mountain town is home to hardworking and enduring people who have already seen much hardship. Most make their living selling trade goods or farming the surrounding lands. Varnhold is home to a temple to Erastil, and the faitful pray to him for good weather, safety, and prosperity.

Notable figures include the mayor of Varnhold, (insert name). Also notable are the centaurs of the nearby Nomen tribe, allies of Ironhold, Aecora Silverfire and her daughter Xamanthe.

Varnhold is the Ironlands’ closest neighboring city to Restov, and therefore acts as a gateway to Restov and Brevoy.

City Districts

City Statistics

City Name: Varnhold
Base Value: 220gp
Defense: 0
Population: 5250


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