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Witch 9
XP 75,460 / 105,000

Sir Francis Thorne

Cavalier 9
XP 75,460 / 105,000


Ranger 9
XP 75,460 / 105,000


Cleric 9
XP 75,460 / 105,000

Golarion Calendar – 4710

Abadius Calistril Pharast Gozran Desnus Sarenith
Claimed: West of Leveton
Built: Town Hall, Temple, Graveyard
Event: Economic Boom
Claimed: West of Leveton, SW of Sootscave
Built: Granary, Shop, House, Brothel, City Walls
Event: Terrorist – The Fox
Built: Tavern, Barracks, Watchtower, Tannery, Dump
Event: Received Missive
Adventure: Journey to Restov, Exploration to Varnhold
Adventure: Meeting with Nomen Tribe
Adventure: Journey to Death Valley
Battle: Vordakai
Erastus Arodus Rova Lamashan Neth Kuthona

Adventure Began: 24 Calistril, 4707 AR
Last day of Stolen Lands: 07 Erastus, 4707 AR (View Months)
Last day of Rivers Run Red: 27 Erastus 4709 AR
Current Day: 09 Sarenith, 4710 AR
Days Past: 3 years, 100 days


CHAPTER 1: Stolen Land
Bounty Board

CHAPTER 2: Rivers Run Red
Citizens in Need

CHAPTER 3: The Varnhold Vanishing
The Iron Files

The Borders


Memories of Metal

May They Never Tarnish

Abron Soupson - 31 Pharast 4707
One of two valiant brothers. Fell in battle to Trolls.

Eberrim Soupson - 31 Pharast 4707
One of two valiant brothers. Fell in battle to Trolls.

Kesten Garess - 27 Erastus 4709
Nobleman and warrior. Ambushed and presumed dead.

Durog Na’Salamin - 27 Erastus 4709
Ratling Marshall. Died defending those he loved.

Ruven Stolliard - 27 Erastus 4709
Scholar and Man of Letters. Killed by Goghi Rah.

Bokken - 27 Erastus 4709
Herbalist and hermit. Mortally wounded in Goghi-Rah’s attack.

Bones - 08 Desnus 4710
Wolf and animal companion to Rufus. Cheated death at Candlemere Island.
Killed in combat with wyverns in the Little Sellen River.

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