The capital of the Ironlands is a bustling waterfront metropolis home to all manner of citizenry. From within Ironthorne Keep, the council of the Iron Tide rules over the lands. The city’s buildings are of modern stone and wood construction in the Brevoy style. Streets are wide, and buldings are usually no more than three stories tall. The sprawling waterfront is home to river trade, noble houses, and the magnificent Grounds of Valor. The city is largely happy and bustling, and people are polite and helpful. Though there is a bit of a criminal tendency among the halfling population…

Notable figures include: the Iron Tide themselves, Auchs the Jailer/Child, Bootleg Randall a shady mysterious fellow, Schmitty the Smith, Irm Kyto the Brewer, Kundal the Blademaster, Antwer Wandersson a cleric, Jubilast Narthropple a gnomish Marshall, Alwyn Rockwall the royal retainer, Ein Loda a dwarf refugee, and Herkus Massimus a retired gladiator.

City Districts

Southeast District:

Southwest District:

City Statistics

City Name: Ironhold
Base Value: 11,200gp
Defense: 24
Population: 15,000


  • 24


  • 9


  • 2


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