Deeds and Danger

A Stag Falls
An Epic Infiltration...

Sir Thorne’s Letter Home #2

Hello Mother, Hello Father!

I have most exciting news! Our campaign to rid the Stolen Lands is achieved!! Can you believe it? After months are ridding the lands south of Oleg’s Trading post of all kinds of evil bandits and vermin, we have just defeated the Stag Lord himself. May his corpse and soul forever rest as a pile of bones! It wasn’t easy mind you, but I and my companions have achieved the glory the Swordlords have asked of us with steadfast purpose.

Gazl's Log, Entry 1
Gazl Gazl Gazl

From the Journal of Gazl:

When I agreed to travel with these three adventurers I would have never guessed the first place I would find myself was in the lair of Mites, unsavory creatures which hate my kind above all others. They are among the few peoples I can find little to admire in. It seems they have been in conflict with the local Kobolds, as our new friend Mikmek has informed us. Though Mikmek speaks only the Draconic tongue Daeron was able to translate his words. He was most grateful for our timely rescue, and informed us that the strange but most interesting statuette of a winged and most insidious looking lizard is an idol of his people. He asked for us to help him return the object to his leader, Sootscale, and promised a reward of many “shinies”. I’m not certain how to spell the pluralization of that word. Fascinating.

Cold Dirt & Gnarled Dark
Serenaded by the scuttling of a hundred chitinous legs...

Desnus 5
Day 80

Oleg’s post has changed over the past weeks. The air of tension has been replaced by a relaxed droll. The place is almost becoming homey. My companions and I have made swift progress across the northern wilds, faring much better than I expected. The wind even seems to howl more calmly. The lands are safer, but not safe. And I am still driven to venture out each morn to scout, patrol, and hunt.

Bears and Boars... but no bandits
Session 5

More time spent on the road. For one who prides himself on knowing the land, Rufus takes ages to hunt and pathfind. I must either accept the use of a horse, although it is such a filthy beast, or continue to walk and wind throughout my lands as Rufus guides from the cozy view of his own rectum

Adventure Log 4
Hard Justice

Gozran 4

*Daeron has set up his bedroll outside in one of the corners of the trading post as he detests sleeping indoors. He’s stirring his cauldron, pausing every few moments to write and reflect on the events of the past few days

Death's Door
"There's gold in them hills"; Fraternal guards, the benefits of careers in adventuring; Faeries, Fae, and shiny curios; Depressed ursines and geodesic homes; Bandits worth more than expected

Gozran 1
Day 35

My weary companions are settling into Oleg’s as if it was a second home. They grow accustomed to it’s creaky doors and damp earth, the hot stew and the footsteps of Kesten on the ramparts. They grow comfortable

Spider Bites and Moon Radishes
In which we learn of the rarity of the valued metals; Radishes and their narcotic effects; tea, and its potential use as a panacea; Preferred footware and weaponry within

Sir Francis Thorne – Letter to Home #1

Dear Mother & Father,

The Noble Orlasky Family will soon be proud of our family! I have successfully made my way into the Stolen Lands and have begun the Restov SwordLord’s charter in earnest. I know our noble lineage is thin to the powerful Orlasky’s, and even more so since much of our family’s assets were liquidated to fund the purchase of my belongings, but this thread is strengthened every day I swear it!

A Tale of Stew...
...for another Knight perhaps.

Day 6
2 Pharast, 4707 AR

The air was drier than my empty waterskin as I watched the knight ride up to the crossroads. He looked around awkwardly, as if expecting a crowd of cheering wenches to have been awaiting his arrival. He rode a gallant black steed that looked fresh from a royal procession. How will it look in 3 months I wonder…

Our heroes "buy in"; the gravity of libations; Gods, old and new; The madness of regents

24 Calistril, 4707 AR


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