Deeds and Danger


Even heroes need a day off.

(OOC – Apologies for the short post. All of the notes I took from last game were accidentally lost, so please let me know if I am missing anything. This includes the name of the twins from our new settlement)

I know the physical toll of our fight with Vordakai is obvious, but I underestimated the length of the rebuilding process. Our kingdom was in sore need of our guidance after our months of absence. Sir Thorne convened our council, and would have began without delay if it wasn’t for that damned court “magician” that seems to have the ear of our precious Duke as of late.

I smelled…as Rufus would put it so tactfully…“horseshit”…from the minute I entered the academy. I would’ve blamed it on the components he was using, but let’s be honest, Anaxamander wouldn’t know which spells would require such an item anyway. I digress…it appears that our resident artificer is requiring a tithe of 10% in order to create the magical items we are requisitioning. He claims it is for the academy, but how many textbooks do these young wizards honestly need? I wouldn’t know, all I had to do was offer fealty to a shadow demon…maybe I should have read more… In either circumstance even I felt this was fine. The magician is a necessary evil as I do not have the time to make trinkets all day. Someone needs to save the kingdom…

The first topic of conversation involved yet another hamlet that wishes to join our kingdom. Ambassadors from the settlement came in the form of two jolly twins…who’s name escapes me at the current moment. Their bright and cheery attitudes were accentuating the massive headaches I’ve been having since the battle with the lich, so I had Gazl deal with them. They’re apparently so keen on joining the Iron Lands that they are willing to split the cost of the construction of a castle in their area. Needless to say they have my ear…

The second item on the agenda was the construction of the “Defeat of Vordakai”, featuring yours truly. I had my reservations about being immortalized in marble…I felt obsidian or jade would’ve brought out my best features…but the man is truly a master of his craft. That and my hair looks absolutely magnificent. To top it all off, my marbleized frame is planted firmly outside the academy so all the students and a particular magic toy maker can see my heroic deeds. It’s the small things in life that get you through the day, really.

After concluding our kingdomly duties, we decided upon tackling our most delicious quest to date. We agreed to acquire a Roc’s egg for Master Gorbasken in order for him create in his words “the greatest of all omelettes”. For once our mission went off without a hitch! I have to note this down just so it can be known that not all missions we go on take either 2 months or fail miserably! The two things I deduced out of our short excursion is that Rufus very much hates the wilds he so often talks about, and that I believe that our group of junior adventurers have begun to worship our brave Sir Thorne as some sort of demigod…both cases should be monitored accordingly.

With the Roc’s egg delivered, Master Gorbasken demanded that we host a culinary event that included the entire Iron Lands. Two months of nothing but salted trail rations will make a man agree to anything, that and the amount of currency that flowed into Ironhold was record-breaking. Needless to say all the dishes were prepared exquisitely, though apparently no one else had the palette for Garrum’s marsh water poached frog egged omelette stew. Honestly, these people have no appreciation for the exotic.

Sweet dreams,



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