Deeds and Danger

A Stag Falls

An Epic Infiltration...

Sir Thorne’s Letter Home #2

Hello Mother, Hello Father!

I have most exciting news! Our campaign to rid the Stolen Lands is achieved!! Can you believe it? After months are ridding the lands south of Oleg’s Trading post of all kinds of evil bandits and vermin, we have just defeated the Stag Lord himself. May his corpse and soul forever rest as a pile of bones! It wasn’t easy mind you, but I and my companions have achieved the glory the Swordlords have asked of us with steadfast purpose.
May you carry our house’s name with pride throughout Brevoy!

We had been following leads for days from various sources… from new allies as well as captured men turned towards a new honest living in the wake of our accomplishments. Having being able to scout to the very footsteps of the Stag Lord’s keep, we devised a most devious plan to enter unperturbed! To act the parts of bandits ourselves…. a plan only feasible by the four minds of the Iron Tide! That’s our name, you see. Entering the keep, with most helpful disguise of some magic, we were able to not only tally our surroundings, but enjoy an evening feast worthy of mentioning. Gazl, our most helpful gnome, found a way to unleash their ferocious pet beast, used for who knows what kind of entertainment. The OwlBear began wreaking havoc, not caring who it approached, and took unlucky men unprepared as they stood near the wafting aromas of the spitted pig roast. In the meantime we were able to advance with deadly force upon the others we pinpointed as leaders. As a barbarian soldier soon fell against the sword of Rufus, I smote others with Noble Steed against my lance. The wily Daeron provided excellent distractions while Gazl managed our killing strokes with acts of healing and defensive purpose. I dare say it was brilliantly executed and were soon faced against the Stag Lord himself. I must admit I took two incredibly shot arrows to the chest on my first charge, but the help of my gracious friends stood me up again! It was only a short while later whereas my Greatsword found the killing blow through the chest of this leader of scum.

To my surprise, the battle was not finished… there was a powerful druid in the beast form of an enormous wolverine in the basement nearly tore us to shreds! If it was not for Daeron’s quick thinking in snatching my most prized gift of a Lightning rod and using it without my permission – I don’t know what we would have done! The lighting shooting forth into the chest of this man snatched away whatever strength it had left, and we were left with a dead man, now recognizable to us as Falgrim Sneed. It was finally time for us to take a look around, and take in the view. The Stolen Lands are safe again, may the people rejoice!

Upon our return to Oleg’s Post, the revelry that ensued was what has delayed this letter for days. Word spread during that time and a Brevoy emissary has reached us with news that will knock you on your backsides. We will rule this reclaimed lands by decree of Regent Surtova himself!! There is much to prepare, and much to puzzle out. Your advice is most welcome in this period of kingdom building, or we will surely lose ourselves upon the way!
High Above, and may honor guide the way.

Sir Frances Thorne

P.S. Please expect a purchase order from one Sergio Imbroglio, a merchant of much renown to anyone of purpose! He carries my request for a special set of armor that will need the attention only our city’s master blacksmith can provide. He knows my sizes and quirks from a fitting many moons ago.



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