A Pathfinder Adventure Path

Part one: Stolen Land

Our heroes meet and the journey begins; The importance of paperwork and ephemera.

Part two: Rivers Run Red

The right to rule is granted; supplies and expansion; the wilds, still uncharted; Enemies lurk unseen.

Interlude I

A city wounded; Conspiracy has many roots; Overweight bards and thick air.

Part three: The Varnhold Vanishing

Wherein a colony disappears; Concerning centaurs and tribal politic; Suspicion and Ducal duties; Ancient evils and the proper methods by which to defeat them; Souls, decanted.

Part four: LOCKED

Part five: LOCKED

Part six: LOCKED

Iron Tide
Chosen of the Swordlords
Witch 9
Sir Francis Thorne
Cavalier 9
Rufus McKnight
Ranger 9
Bandrgazl Faedrorf Mginn’n
Cleric 9

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Deeds and Danger

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